10 Signs You Need to Build a Custom House

 Welcome! to the best custom home builder in Ohio, they specialize in residential, agricultural, equine, and obviously custom houses. Today I will be talking to you about the 10 reasons/signs you need to build a custom house.

 There are two reasons you clicked on this. Number one is you are considering building a custom house but want some information, and number two is you are building a custom house and wondering if it's a good idea. I hope I answer all your questions and if I didn't call Harmony Building Company.

1. Your Space is Shrinking 

Pakistani houses are getting smaller in size

 We all know the feeling, you bought a new house, it has tons of space and many different closets. Time goes on and you buy more stuff, strangely the closets begin to fill and your space starts to shrink.

 You have two options.

 1. Buy a storage unit and get a recurring bill every month and if you don't pay they will take your stuff

 2. The second option is to build a custom house, which will give you the ability to decide how many closets and how much space you want. (If your custom house starts to shrink you probably need to start getting rid of some stuff.)

2. Your Current House Looks Boring

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 Maybe your case is not as extreme as the image above, but you know what i'm talking about. Your house looks so bad that you don't even invite friends over because your afraid they are not going to be your friends anymore.

 Again You have two options.

 1. Get some wood and paint in an effort to salvage what you have by "fixing"it and making it look "good."

 2. Or get a brand new custom house with many different vibrant and awesome colors that will make you glad you decided to get a custom house. Please contact us today if you are interested

3. All the Houses You Looked at Are Junk


 Today's the day when you go out and look at new houses for you and your family. To your disappointment the houses you looked at all had some features you liked but they also had some that you were not to fond of. 

 I can only think of one way to remedy this problem, and that is to build a custom house that fits all the wants and needs of yourself. If you want a swimming pool inside and you need large bathrooms and small bedrooms (if you need what I just described you're special) we will try to accomplish it in the greatest of speed.

4. Your Energy Bill is Skyrocketing


If you find your energy bill is continuing to grow the chances are good that your house is not very energy efficient. If your house was built before 2000 the building materials used are not the best and the wiring could be in rough shape. The world has come a long way with roofing materials in recent years and the result is that the new roofs are very sun reflective and can save you up to 85% in energy costs.

 The easy way to fix this is to build a custom house that has all the modern building materials that are much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly which may help you pay less when it comes to taxes.

5. If Your Current House Does Not Fit Your Wants and Needs

 Every time you walk through your house you are reminded of how bad it is. You walked past the laundry room remembering how small and cramped it is. Next is the bedrooms, the bedrooms have weird layouts and are small as well.

 If you decide to build a custom home all you problems will be fixed. Everything you want will be added and everything you hate will be taken away that's why it's called a custom house. If you are having these problems please contact us so we can build you the custom house of your dreams.

6. Your Friends Are Telling You Too.

 We all know that sometimes friends can be annoying, but other times they can be telling you something you can't see yourself. Let me give you an example. When you buy something you tend to not see the flaws because you bought it with your money that you worked for. You should always listen to the voice of your friends.

7. You Want Something to Show Off

 If you rich and have some money laying around and don't know what to do with it, I have a proposition for you. Get a custom house it will change your life for the better my friend. If you don't have anything to tell you friends about or show off to them get a custom house with all the bells and whistles.

8. If Your Bored

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 The felling of boredom is the worst feeling in the world besides getting tortured by terrorists on a Thursday, so if you are bored and you don't like the condition or size of your house then consider building a custom house so you can have all you friends over to show them your new house and play monopoly.

9. If Your Yard is to Small


 If you have children or a dog you know how important a large yard is. If your kids stay in the house things start to break, if you have a yard things stay together longer. A yard can benefit a dog lover too, if you have a yard the dog takes its dumps in the yard and not on your stuff.

 If you have a small yard we will find a piece of land with a big yard to build your custom house on. 

10. You Got an Inheritance From Your Rich Uncle.

 Some people may not fall into this category but if you do i can tell you what to do with the money, build a custom house. Building a custom home is a great task that will take some time but when it is finished it will look awesome and be the best decision that you can make.


Congratulations! you made it to the end of the post you are an incredible person and should be rewarded. If any of the things listed above apply to you please consider getting a custom house it will make you life much easier and more enjoyable. If you do decide to build a custom home please contact us at 937-515-8126 and we will be happy to answer all the questions you may have.

    Joshua Eash

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