Custom Building a Home in Cincinnati and Surrounding Areas

Looking Into the Future

Looking Into the Future

What does looking into the future mean?  It can mean numerous things, but the biggest is a growing family, or downsizing.  This is one reason why people are selling their homes, and building a home.

A custom home affords you the opportunity to design your living space that will fit all of your needs, while also taking into account whatever your future might hold.  So come and see what Harmony Building Company can do for you.

What is your Budget


Determine your budget before beginning with your home, and know if you have any wiggle room for anything that may come up unexpected.

Choosing your Lot

beginning build

A home buyer ends up choosing a builder, like Harmony Building Company; and then together they identify the lot and build the house. The process is usually faster, smoother and less expensive for the buyer.  

How Long will it Take to Build

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Choosing your time frame.  How long will it take to build your custom home?  How will the weather play into your time frame.  Harmony Building Company will be able to give you a time frame, however you will always have to allow for bumps in the road.  Nevertheless Harmony Building Company will keep you updated on the progress, and have you out to the build site to check things out from time to time.

Build your Lifestyle Into your Home

your lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle do you have?  Here at Harmony Building Company we encourage you to bring pictures of things that your like.  Show us paint samples that you like.  Maybe you have a favorite cabinet style you like.

Do you like to spend time outside grilling?  So you will need to put a deck on the back of your house, so that you have plenty of room for family and friends.  This includes the home design that you choose, does it fit your lifestyle?

Designing your Custom Home

designing your home
open floor plan

One thing about designing your custom home, is that you get to pick out what you want.  Dream big, and then scale back.  With Harmony Building Company you will get a 3D program available for virtual interior and exterior tours of your custom design before construction begins. This way you will see what your home will look like.  If you don't like something at this point, it can always be changed.

soaking tub

As the owner you will need to let Harmony Building Company know what you want specifically in your home.  Whether it is an open floor plan, when your in your kitchen do you want to see what is going on in the family room; so you still feel like part of a family.

The Latest Tech-Toys for your Home

tech toys

More and more people are wanting all the latest technologies, plus they want to personalize a home automation systems.  The thing about these systems, is that they don't always have to be hard wired into your home.  Plus, you won't have an obsolete system, it will just need an upgrades when required.

Your lightening, entertainment, and security systems are just some of the tech options available with a custom home.  Most home owners don't like seeing cables and wires that are going to your TV entertainment area.  You can have all the wires hidden in the wall.

Other cool Tech-Toys you can have in your home is a Smart Faucet, as that will save on your water bill.  Smart Thermostat you can save on heating by turning your heat down during the day, and then an hour before you come home have the thermostat turn up to heat up the house.  Smart camera's are always a good thing to have on the outside of your house, and they can be wireless, this way when you are away from home you will still be able to see what it going on.

One of the best smart things you can purchase for your home is a Smart Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.  If either one of these goes off, it will alert your smart phone and let you know that there is a problem.  This device is one of the best smart devices you can get.

About Harmony Building Company

Our team at Harmony Building Company is dedicated to customer satisfaction.  5 star workmanship is a 'must' on every project.  We will guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.  Please feel free to contact Jonas Schwartz at (937) 515-8126

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