How To Design A Functional Building For Me

livery stable

First things first. Who Are We?

Our residential and agricultural buildings are first class. They are built to be beautiful but not to look out of place, and comfortable yet functional. We have completed many projects over the years and we have always left a happy customer. And we do our best to be between "That's a little to fancy to be there" and "That looks like a plain old shed". But when we get down to it we know that functionality is the key focus. Depending on your purpose for the structure we will apply our experience and expertise to help you take advantage of every square foot. Now don't forget, it's your building and you can design it however you want. 

Our Basic Design Features

Standard Features

  • Concrete Footings
  • Pressure Treated Posts
  • Pressure Treated Skirt Boards
  • Posts Every 8' On Bearing Walls
  • 40 Year Warranty On All Exterior Metal
  • 40 Year Warranty On Metal Fasteners
  • Vapor Barrier On Roof
  • 3' Entry Door
  •  15 Colors To Choose From

Optional Features

  • Windows
  • Wainscoting
  • Cupolas
  • Ventilated Ridges
  • Concrete Floors And Approaches

Add Your Own Personal Touch

Hay storage building

Along with our traditional features, you can put your own personal mark on your structure. As you can see above, one of our clients wanted very large doors, to where he could open the entire short side of his building. That's what he wanted and that's what he got. He couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Pole building with two garage doors

Well apparently this guy just wanted a bunch of doors. But it's functional and it works for him. So Bang, You Want It We Build It!


Here we find someone that just needs a quaint garage. Not extravagant yet eye catching and practical. We specialize in executing our clients plans to the "T".

Our Equine Structures

Horse stalls
Horse stables
Brown horse in the stall
Indoor arena

We want our equine facilities to be like the horses they are built for. Beautiful, graceful, and able to handle any job. As our trusty steeds have proven to be more than effective in all tasks over the centuries. Because of this, they deserve facilities fit for a king. And as we've said before, you can design your stable however you want. You can design it based on your likes and dislikes, or your horses' color, size, and personality. Now don't forget, your horse deserves it.

In Conclusion

Harmony Building Company tab logo

So how do you design a residential or agricultural building? As we have tried to say, you design the structure how you want. You plan the layout, list your needs and wants by priority. Keep in mind what you are using it for. Your plan, our mission.


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